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Saturday 30/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

We went for another picnic today, this time at the Rydges Homestead. During lunch we were pestered by horses, trying to get some food. Afterwards we went for a walk to the beach. On the way I saw two goannas.

We had a nice time at the beach, where we saw two jellyfish. People were also having rides on the wind surfers.

I had just walked up from the beach and was standing near the Rydges chapel. Suddenly, a fox walked out from the scrub! I called to it, and it froze, looking at me with its tail between its legs. I made another noise, and half ran back into the scrub. I ran down to where it had gone in, but I couldn't see it anywhere.

We walked back after that, and I saw another goanna on the path.

That night I was listening to the BBC World Service on my short wave radio, when I heard that Saddam Hussien had died. The BBC must have devoted at least 2 ½ hours of programming to him!

Friday 29/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

We are finally back from the Gold Coast. Sorry that I wasn't able to update this blog or my photoblog, we had a lot of things to do down there. The reason we went down there was to celebrate Christmas with our friends and family - which is exactly what we did.

Following is a few things that I received for Christmas: An Albert Einstein mug, a wallet and moneybox, a shirt and a pair of shorts, some boxers, a racket with a stretchy string and a ball attached to it, an art set and a swimming top. The Albert Einstein mug was bought my relatives at the Aerospace museum in America, and the wallet and moneybox were also bought by them, but in Ireland.

On another note, while I was down in the Gold Coast I was able to look at the statistics for my site. What I found was that I was getting hits from Google by people searching for the Yellow Bee plane. More specifically, most of the hits were about trying to repair it. So what I have done is put a banner at the top of this page, with a picture of the plane and an explanation. That should help! Another thing that the statistics told me was that on the day I listed my site with http://www.w3csites.com/ (A XHTML + CSS showcase site), my hit count went up and I received more than 50 unique visitors!

Changing the subject again, I have received a few comments saying that this this blog is a bit too boring. Oh well, I don't blame them. Expect to see a change in the topics I write about, and a possible change in the layout + design. It is also possible that I will move this blog to a CMS like Wordpress.

Tuesday 19/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

Ian came back today, and now all the water is running in the new bathroom! It didn't happen without a minor plumbing accident, though. We had turned on all the taps in the new bathroom, but the water to house was turned off. A while later we turned the water to the house back on. Guess what? When we went into the bathroom, the sink stand was leaking water! It turned out that the pipes needed to carry away the water that went down the sink weren't put in yet! Oh well, it didn't cause any damage and it was easy to mop up.

The electricians also came, and they put a few switches and lights up. Tomorrow they will come back to finish the job.

Later on that afternoon we went into Rockhampton to get a fan for the new room, a trampoline to replace the old one and we also took my Stingray plane back to DSE. On the way into Rocky dad had to get some letters posted, so he dropped me off @ Keppel Bay Plaza to do that. After they were posted I ran to the Capricorn Sports shop to find the price of a new wing for my Yellow Bee r/c plane. There was a discount on the wing, so the wing was selling at $8.25. I'll be buying one as soon as I can.

Monday 18/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

The plumber came today to hook up the new bathroom. His name is Ian Crittenden , and he also works for AquaNova. Everything in the new bathroom looks all lovely and shiny. Tomorrow Ian is coming back to connect the water.

We also had some friends come over and have a swim with us in the afternoon.

Sunday 17/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

It is a lovely morning today. Everything has been washed by the rain, and it is nice and sunny with no wind.

I have also heard that the storms floating around last night were widespread across Southeastern Queensland. There was a man from the town of Cooroy who rang up Macca (you know, the guy on the radio), and he said that the town had copped a severe storm.

Saturday 16/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

Today we went for a picnic at the beach with a few friends. We also went to the Carols by Candlelight festivities at the Rockhampton music bowl. We arrived there at about 7:00 PM (starting time), and stayed until it finished. I must say that they had some fantastic singers, and the music bowl made it really nice to listen to. The dancing groups weren't as good as the ones at the Yeppoon Carols by the Beach, though.

As we were going to sleep that night it rained, which was great! We could see quite a lot of lightning in Rocky that night, and there was just as many lightning strikes visible at our place.

Thursday 14/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

Well, today I tried to repair my yellow bee by poking wire into the wing that was broken and joining it up with the other wing. The join was fairly strong, but when I tool it out for a test, it was lopsided! So I took the wing off and the plane is once again sitting in my bedroom waiting for a new wing :0(. Below are some photos of the wing that I tried to repair.

My new Yellow Bee plane / front
My new Yellow Bee plane / back

Wednesday 13/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

Well, guess what? I have another remote control plane called the "Yellow Bee". It happened this way: I was in Keppel Bay Plaza, posting something at the overcrowded post office. I decided to have a look in the Capricorn Sports shop to see if they had any r/c planes. They did, and one of them was the Yellow Bee for a price of $79.95, which was $10 cheaper that Leading Edge Electronics! My dad was interested! He decided to buy one in case they sold out. So, I ended up with a Yellow Bee Park Flyer.

As soon we arrived home, I started putting it together. It was harder to put together than the other plane, but it wasn't too difficult. After it was put together and the battery was charged, I took it outside for a test run on the driveway. It went for about 8 metres then started to take off. I decided that it had passed testing.

After lunch I took it out for some flights in the paddock. I didn't take it more that 5 metres off the ground though, and that's why it crashed after about 3 little flights.

To know why it crashed, you must understand that it has quite wide wings which catch a lot of air. Anyway, it was flying 5 or so metres of the ground, when I think the wind caught it. It came in for landing at about a 45 degree angle, hitting one end of the wing. It then did something like a cartwheel, landing on the opposite wing. I saw about half of the wing fly away from the crash site, and I knew then that I wouldn't be able to fly it again that day.

My prediction proved correct. The wing had snapped, leaving one side with about 3 fifths, and the other side with about 2.

Update: I now know that it will cost about $13 dollars to buy a wing. My other option is to repair it myself. I still haven't decided what to do, although I think I will just buy another one and try to resist the temptation to fly on windy days.

Tuesday 12/12/2006 @ Adelaide Park, Yeppoon

I have a remote control plane now! It's called a "Stingray", and it looks a bit like a B2. I took it outside this morning and had a go at launching, but the wind is too powerful.

A few hours later: I couldn't get it up in the air! Every time it was launched it just swung to the side and crashed in to the ground :( So we rang up Dick Smith Electronics, talked to them for a while and I decided to pack it up, take it back and get a refund.

Well that afternoon my mum and I rode into Yeppoon. We decided to go into the Leading Edge Electronics store, because I knew it had remote control planes. I had a look around and decided I liked the look of the "Yellow Bee" plane. It was priced at $89.95.

BTW, the "Stingray" is now sitting at home, waiting for us to go into Rocky.